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Manual winch for boat


Among the boat trailer accessories you can find manual winches with a maximum towable weight capacity from 350 to 1450 kg. Choose the manual winch according to the weight of your boat.

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Manual winches

When proceeding in launching or hauling the boat we will certainly need an accessory for our boat trailer such as a manual winch. This tool will help us load or unload our boat from the trailer, there are some features to consider such as the presence or absence of clutch and brake, but above all the maximum load that can be supported; in this regard it is necessary to know that the weight to which the boat trolley winch will be subjected must never exceed the maximum load indicated on the model, the vessel will be loaded or unloaded in two probable ways: the first modality we consider it in conditions that the towing weight is horizontal with optimal slip, in this case we would have no calculations to take into account if not that of the maximum capacity of the winch. We consider the second modality in the presence of a slide, based on the inclination of the tow it is recommended that the total weight does not exceed two thirds of the bearable load of the winch per trolley, for example: if our boat has a weight of about 600 \ 650 kg and placed on a slipway, our manual winch will have to bear a maximum capacity of about 1000 kg. The boat trailer winch models in our nautical accessories store range from a capacity of 350 kg to max load models of 1450 kg, all these items have an automatic friction brake system, this component blocks the winch drum when release the handle. Purchasable manual winches in stainless steel or galvanized steel, many of the models on sale have already included a nylon tape or a stainless steel cable, we always suggest to rinse the manual winch with fresh water and, possibly, with an anti-rust product avoiding the corrosion while maintaining performance.