Website - How can i find a product?

The two fastest ways to find a product on Helmstock are:

- Product categories

- Search engine

Categories can be viewed from the button (see categories) at the top left next to our logo.
In the drop-down menu you can view the first level of categories. As you scroll your mouse or touch from your smartphone on the first level categories you will see the lower categories appear.
The names of the categories has been written in order to be able to easily guess which products you will find inside them.

The search engine allows you quick access to all products or similar categories to the term you are looking for.
Find the search bar at the top of the center of your PC’s screen or to the right of your smartphone’s display marked with a magnifying glass icon.
Click on the white field and enter the term that is closer to the product you are searching for/or the similar products family.

It will be instantly recommended to you some products or categories similar to the terms entered. You can click on the suggestion to access the recommended content or start the search ( from enter button or click on the search icon) to see all the results of the categories and products related to the research carried out.

If you need more assistance you can send an email at [email protected] or a whatsapp message at +39 3669856250. We would be pleased to help you.