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Boat water tank and level sensors


In our nautical store there are many models of boat water tank, both drinking and for black water, vertical floating level sensors and level indicators available.

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Tanks, level indicators

Welcome to this category of our nautical accessories shop entirely dedicated to water tanks for boats and all the useful components for these important items. We offer water tank models of different capacities, from 42 liters to 600 L, to solve all the space requirements on board, they are available in the rigid version in polypropylene or in the flexible one in PVC, models with countersinks on one of the two sides to be able to adhere perfectly to the side or under the bow of the boat. In this category we offer control instruments such as level indicators, precise accessories that can be powered at 12 or 24 Volts, to be connected to the vertical floats present in sizes from 15 to 120 cm. Resource management will be simplified thanks to these control tools that will allow us to easily identify the amount of fuel or water in the tanks. We suggest reading in the product descriptions which types and which sizes of vents, fittings and plugs will be useful for the connection and proper functioning of these nautical accessories. The black and gray water tanks available in our shop are made with materials and technologies that will not allow smelly inconveniences on board, some of the models have included and already mounted macerators powered at 12 or 24 Volt, even among these tanks there are formats with flaring for optimize space, choose the gray or black water tank according to the capacity you need, in our catalog you will find these accessories from 47 to 130 liters, with already present the threaded holes compatible with the drains of the nautical toilets that can be purchased on Helmstock.