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Boat air conditioners, aerators and heaters


Nautical store for air conditioning on board, heating systems and air conditioners for boats with accessories, fans and aspirators for forced ventilation of engine compartments and internal environments.

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Aerators, heaters, air conditioning

It will be very important to have good air circulation on board your boat, especially in the area where you are staying and in the engine housing. In the engine compartments, where good air ventilation is essential not only to maintain the right temperature, but also to dissipate any fumes from lubricants and fuels, we recommend the installation of aspirators, present in our nautical accessories shop, in various power and efficiency formats. Complementary components to vacuums are available, such as connecting hoses, which will help convey recirculation from one area to another. The boat fans for sale are powered by 12 or 24 volts, their minute dimensions make them particularly suitable for mounting even in confined spaces, such as cabins or berths for example. They are made of materials resistant to the marine environment, designed to be effective even with a high level of humidity in the air. In this regard, in our catalog the use of dehumidifiers is recommended, the available model consists of a plastic shell inside which the sealed SANIDRY TRY tray will be positioned, the dehumidification process takes place quickly through the upper membrane, this dehumidifier has a really good value for money, considering its incredible usefulness on board. Among the aerators for boats we find vents and air intakes in stainless steel or ABS, if properly installed they will allow the air to be conveyed inside the vessel during navigation, the favorites of our customers are undoubtedly the solarvent aerators, powered by a photocell that charges the batteries, guaranteed 30 hours of operation with full battery without light. Heating or cooling the temperature on our boat will allow a really comfortable navigation, especially in the summer season in the hottest hours, here is that the CLIMMA marked technology offers us 3 different air conditioners per boat, available with variable consumption and power, these accessories have are manufactured in stainless steel and are supplied with a monobloc pre-charged with ecological refrigerant, they are characterized by an adjustable fan with vertical or horizontal air outlet; they are powered by 220 Volts and can also act as an on-board heating system. The accessory kits for these instruments, heat-insulating pipes and ventilation grilles can be purchased separately. Choose the models of these items for ventilation based on the measurements and consumption data, which can be consulted within each description.