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Inspection hatches, storage pockets and vents


Wide range of boat accessories for ventilation with air intakes and stainless steel grids. Inspection hatches and plugs of all sizes, side compartments and object pockets of various sizes.

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Hatches,storages, louvred vents

It is important to keep a rigorous order on your boat, the space may also be cramped but certainly there is no lack of accessories that can act as boat storage, these housings will ensure that you save as much space as possible, optimizing the existing one. The boat storage racks are made of plastic materials resistant to the marine environment and UV rays, they can be recessed mounted, using the internal support of the lockers, some of the models for sale on our nautical accessories shop are printed with a right or left recess, so as to be used as boat side storages. It is necessary that the lockers, or in any case the housings outside the lower deck, remain dry, here in this category you can find locker doors with different variants of watertight closures, some with removable hatches, these accessories are perfectly walkable, if installed on a horizontal plane. In order to immediately inspect a point that would otherwise be difficult to reach, such as a section of the electrical system or a hydraulic articulation point, it will be necessary to install boat inspection caps in well-considered points, the characteristic of these accessories with closure screw or pressure, it is the impermeability. According to where an inspection hatch will be mounted, it will be essential that this ensures that the water does not pass, it will allow us to be able to maintain or simply inspect a certain point of interest even with little space.