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Tanks for waste water


For the care of the environment it will be necessary to install black water tanks and gray water tanks, choose the tank with the capacity that best suits your needs in our nautical shop.

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Waste water tanks

Our nautical accessories shop offers valid models of black and gray water tanks. These tanks are molded in high thickness polyethylene, which gives it considerable resistance and prevents the passage of bad smells. There are regulations to follow and some precautions that we should always have during navigation, to avoid pollution of the marine territory such as: make sure that the seacocks are always closed and very frequently check the state of the seals of our accessories and, if necessary, provide for the maintenance of your drain pumps. In our catalog you will find many models of gray and black water tanks, some of these have already installed a macerator powered at 12 or 24 Volts, at your choice, choose the format based on the capacity: tanks from 47 to 130 liters are available. These accessories are supplied with threaded holes to be completed with hose connectors compatible with the drains of marine toilets on sale. It will be very important to use anti-odor tubes, which can be purchased in sizes from 20 mm to 38 mm in diameter, made of PVC with an anti-odor transpiration system, armed with an internal steel spiral, very flexible and robust in order to avoid problematic leaks. To optimize and save space on board, some of the black water tank formats in our catalog have a special flare on one of the two sides to be able to adhere perfectly to the side of the boat. There are also flexible gray or black water tanks, usable where we have little space to make the most of; these models are made with a special anti-odor and non-breathable fabric. We suggest to check carefully that these tanks are mounted with the possibility of inflating and deflating freely, without constraints.