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Nautical sealants, adhesives and marine silicones


The marine sealants that can be purchased in our nautical store are recommended products for extraordinary maintenance of the boat, also available adhesives and marine silicones designed to resist erosion and UV rays.

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Sealants, adesives and gaskets

Specially designed to resist sea water, marine sealants are widely used on board the boat to ensure lasting sealing and bonding on board. They are used both indoors and outdoors and their composition varies according to the material on which they are used. general purpose marine sealants have good adhesive and elastic characteristics on every surface. Polyurethane sealants are used to seal mainly metal deck accessories such as sea cocks, winches and bollards. We also have structural marine adhesives for the assembly of bulkheads and flooring and self-leveling compounds, suitable for deck coatings such as teak decks or anti-slip application. There is also no shortage of marine adhesives for windows and windshields or windows and sealants for teak decks. All sealants and adhesives are supplied either in self-extruding cartridges or in bags to be used with professional gun extruders. Ultimately we also supply boat glass profiles in rubber and PVC for edging windshields and windows.