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Floating buoys


Among the most useful boat accessories stand out the floating buoys, available in our nautical shop made of plastic materials resistant to shocks and adverse weather conditions, to signal or moor at sea.

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Buoys and fenders

Among the many accessories in our nautical store for mooring, the classic floating buoy can prove to be a very useful tool, it is always advisable to have at least one buoy on board our boat to be used in an emergency. Nautical buoys are mainly used for signaling or mooring: signaling buoys have the task of signaling dangerous areas for navigation (obstacles, shallows, hidden cliffs, etc.) or highlighting routes to follow in particular areas (such as the entrances \ exits the ports). Mooring buoys, on the other hand, are used to create a safe mooring point for boats in harbors and harbors, avoiding the slow and sometimes not too safe use of their anchors. For the same purpose, when we find ourselves mooring our small or medium-sized boat a few meters from the shore or from the docks, here are the buoys, floating buoys with a double cone shape, are the easiest and cheapest tool to rely on , they constitute a fast mooring point to place and easily recognizable. Buoys are made of plastic materials particularly resistant to the marine environment, their usefulness and durability are further factors to be evaluated in order not to remain without them on board.