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Transom transducers and loops for boat depth sounder


Wide offer of bronze transducers for boat depth sounder of different powers and frequencies to be able to see more or less in depth. Transom transducers complete with fixing bracket.

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Stern and hull transducers

To be able to visualize the conformation and the presence of objects on the seabed, you need the transducers for depth sounder. These are in effect the eyes of the apparatus and provide clear and detailed images of what is below us and to the sides. The performance of the probes depends on the frequency values ​​they reach and the signal strength as well as any additional functions they have incorporated, such as the ability to sound not only the water under the boat but also to the sides and the ability to send signals on multiple frequencies simultaneously to get razor sharp images. As for the installation we have the stern transducers generally built of plastic with a steel fixing bracket to be screwed to the hull. We recommend the use of a marine sealant in the points where the screws are applied and to avoid disturbances on the signal it is advisable to mount the probe on the side of the propeller where the water is taken. Thru-hull transducers are generally made of bronze and have higher signal powers. In addition to sounding the depth below they are able to measure the temperature of the water. The installation takes place under the hull in the central part mounted vertically. The choice of the thru-hull transducer also depends on the inclination in degrees of the hull in order to balance this angle with that of the sonar beam. Among the particular transducers for depth sounder there is the Panoptix produced by Garmin which is mounted in the bow of the boat by sounding the bottom and the obstacles that are faced in navigation to allow us to avoid them. It is particularly useful when navigating in bays and unknown places.